8) The truth – from the point of view of Jophiel

1. The deeper truth

Every time has its own truth.

Every human being, as a part of his or her time, has his or her own truth.


Some 2,000 years ago people saw their earth, which they thought to be a disc, as the entirety of creation.

At that time God already communicated truths to them – the truths that they were able to understand with their consciousness as it was then.


Below every truth, however, lies a deeper truth. And below this one, a deeper one still.

When you have found and understood the last of all truths, then you have reached God directly …


With your knowledge today you are in a position to understand truths which could not have been understood by people a hundred years ago, let alone by those who lived 2,000 years ago or earlier …

Much of the stuff you read in big old books is definitely capable of being supplemented with new and deeper truths!


But there are also timeless truths, truths that have always been true at all times, which are still true today and will retain their validity in future as well!


2. God’s truth

God says:

  • Be happy!
  • Make other beings happy!
  • Then you will reach ME in blessedness!



With God’s truth, we have to do with a timeless truth.

It is one of the most important truths!

If your consciousness is sufficiently high to base all your actions and omissions on this truth, you cannot violate any commands or prohibitions any more. In this truth already everything is contained which you need to be aware of in order to reach blessedness and attain God …!


3. The truth of the Maya

Many people believed that the world was going to end on 21.12.2012.

This idea was partly derived from the ‘Mayan Calendar’…


Many thousands of years ago, rituals were practised in the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures where people went into trance. In this state, they could travel with their consciousness through time and space.


With their consciousness as it was at that time, they were capable of reaching the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension was out of their perceptual range.

So on the day in question they did not see the earth coming to an end, but it disappeared, by entering into the fifth dimension, and exiting from the zone of their perception…


4. The truth about 21.12.2012 and the ‘dimension shift’

On 21.12.2012, at 3.00 pm Central European Time, the planet earth – according to plan and in accordance with Divine Foreknowledge – entered the fifth dimension.

In the 25 years preceding this it was engaged in a shift from the third to the fifth dimension.


Dimensions have nothing to do with time and space.

They are a yardstick for the average level of the consciousnesses incarnated on the planet or found on a certain Cosmic Level.

On earth not only human beings but also dolphins, whales and seals have sustaining consciousness, just as do horses, cats and so on – and so do ancient trees!


So earth’s inhabitants in recent years have themselves brought about the dimension shift with their powerful growth in consciousness.

On a level which is constantly remanifested through the power of thought of its inhabitants, with a powerful change of consciousness the face of the entire planet changes.

This is what you are actually experiencing:

power blocs, states, multinationals are collapsing and will be swept away by history.

Everything that is loveless and dark will soon have to leave the earth!


Businessmen who are loveless will lose everything.

But if anyone treats his customers, clients, patients, guests etc. with love, shows them that he likes them, and if anyone treats his employees in the same way, success and happiness will be their lot…



For ‘travelling’ no rituals are needed. Spiritual human beings with completely formed light bodies have a ‘merkabah’ at their disposal. This is a transparent energy sphere, like a soap bubble, which makes it possible for consciousness to travel through time and space.

In photos taken with old digital cameras (before cameras were developed that ‘edited it out’), you can sometimes see small circular formations which disturb your view of the image, which you had not noticed before with your eyes.

These are called ‘orbs’ and are the merkabahs of visitors who came to take a look at the earth at this time of the dimension shift, which was particularly interesting to them.


But before some readers get hit by a ‘travel bug’, please let me just say that you did not incarnate in order to travel through time and space, and contemplate things which you were actually able to view more easily and more completely from the ‘other side’…


The further development of consciousness and the soul is something you attain only in the ‘here and now’, in your reality today! The problems of the past are done with as far as you are concerned, and those of the future are not yet imminent!


5. The truth of Pythagoras – or ‘Thou shalt not kill!’

Many of you will perhaps think, ‘What does Pythagoras have to do with killing – surely that was the chap who invented the formula c² = a² + b²?’


For 2,500 years the principle of Pythagoras has been taught in maths classes in schools, according to which with a right-angled triangle the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides… Ever since this formula has been used as a basis for calculation, and nobody would ever suppose that it could be wrong!


Pythagoras said other wise words as well, which for many people have fallen into oblivion. Thus he said, ‘As long as human beings slaughter animals, they will continue to kill one another. No one who sows murder and pain can expect to reap love and joy.’

And this principle too has been repeatedly proved true, for all of 2,500 years…


The thought is obvious: as long as killing animals is a part of our daily lives, in order to solve a dietary problem, there will not be any very great inhibition about resorting to the possibility of killing for the solution of other problems as well…


Please reflect that the Divine is dwelling in all living things. So every killing is at the same time the killing of something Divine!

It is no accident that we find in almost all world religions the commandment, ‘Thou shalt not kill!’


6. The truth about violence

No doubt you are familiar with the old expression, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth!’

This principle was originally intended as a warning to human beings! It was meant to point to the consequences of resorting to violence, thus it really means: ‘If you resort to violence, if you take out somebody’s eye, or a tooth, it could cost you an eye or a tooth – so leave it alone, don’t have recourse to violence ever!’


There are people who avenge themselves on others, because in their eyes the latter have committed injustice. Some of them believe that by accomplishing this vengeance they will make their God happy!

And yet even in ancient scriptures it has been clearly stated, ‘Vengeance is mine!’ saith the LORD…

It is exclusively the privilege of the Most High to balance out injustice – this task is carried out through the forces of karma!

So anyone who thinks he is obliged to take vengeance for other people’s injustice by violent acts of his own is bringing karma on himself as a result!

Jesus Christ wanted to protect us from these consequences when he said, ‘If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the left cheek to him as well!’

But this advice given to us by Jesus Christ has another background as well:


According to the Cosmic Laws, you make your ‘opponent’ energetically three times as strong if you fight him. And the converse of course is equally true. This is why conflicts cannot be permanently resolved by means of fighting!


7. The truth about ‘human chains’ and ‘light chains’

The ‘individual’ is weak and can easily be oppressed.

Consequently the ‘forces of evil’ are always concerned to ‘divide and rule’, sometimes with apparently pious sayings, like ‘Each for himself, and God for us all!’

In this way they can easily dominate us. To do this they only need the stick and the carrot approach – anxiety, fear and terror on the one side, and the ‘reward’ when we cooperate, as against ‘punishment’ when we do not…


What can we do against oppression?

From the cosmic point of view, each of us is an energy.

We learned in school that energies, when joined, are not just added together – they multiply each other!

So when we form a group, when we hold hands and form a circle together, we can jointly develop powers that are not available to the individual – however strong the individual may be!

Human chains, or even light chains consisting of human beings who peacefully formulate common goals, are in the last resort invincible! In this way we can bring about real change on our planet…


8. The truth about the I AM feeling, the opening of the heart and the ‘Path of Light’

As we are all a part of the ONE, as each soul has been created from pure divine light, this divine light is our true inner core – this is what we really ARE!


Each of us is ‘networked’ through an ‘interface’ with the Divine. We find this interface in the depth of our hearts. There we can sense this wonderful I AM feeling…


For many different reasons, unfortunately, many people have closed their hearts. With a closed heart, you can no longer sense the I AM! Such people are inwardly dissatisfied, because they don’t know how they should define themselves.

In this situation the ego comes to help them. It gives rise to a substitute feeling in the head of the person concerned, the I HAVE!

This defines itself through possessions, property, privileges and personal qualities.


For example:

  • I HAVE a big villa, an expensive boat, a pretty wife …
  • I HAVE money, power and influence…
  • I HAVE a fabulous body, lots of strength, an appealing outward appearance …

Unfortunately the I HAVE can never have enough of anything, it is never satisfied… For it is unable to resolve the real problem – the person concerned can still not sense his or her heart, and so still cannot sense the I AM feeling!


So for many people the ‘split’ becomes wider and wider between what they are living and what they in truth ARE. As a result their inner dissatisfaction increases, and they become more and more unhappy!

What can such people do in order to feel themselves and in order to recover happiness?


If you do something loving for your neighbor, if you help, stand by or are there for your neighbor, if you do this unconditionally, altruistically, then the love you have given will come back to you many times over.


According to the Cosmic Laws, unconditionally given love returns at least sevenfold to the giver from the Divine Source!


If you behave in this way you will experience pure joy, and a beautiful deep feeling of happiness flows directly into your heart, warms you from within in a most wonderful way …

If your heart has been closed before, when you act in this way it will gradually open, a little bit further each time, and so you can perceive the wonderful feeling of happiness better and more intensively each time. Now all at once you can sense, deep in yourself, WHO YOU ARE!


At the same time you are accumulating positive karma…

Yes, this is the other side of karma: this force makes you feel not just what bad things you have done to others, it also enables you to experience what good things you have done for them! All this goodness is stored in your karma, and will return to you at the appointed time, sevenfold or even more!

It is entirely within your power to become someone who has been ‘born under a lucky star’…


Whatever patterns of behavior you may have tried out in the past, on a long path of trial and error, you will come to the conclusion that this path, the Path of Light, is the only practicable one if you want to be really happy.

Whenever you give Unconditional Love, the feeling of happiness in your heart will grow like a tidal wave, on which you can ‘surf’ directly into blessedness!


9. The truth about Unconditional Love and about ‘Light Warriors’

It is easy to love your children.

It is easy to love someone who is friendly to you or gives you presents.

Parental love, friendliness, presents – these are conditions, and it is easy, with prior conditions of this sort, to give love.


What is it like with a stranger, with someone you don’t know?


What is it like, for that matter, with someone who is unfriendly, someone who insults you or abuses you?

What is it like with someone who betrays you, steals from you or attacks you?

What is it like with someone who inflicts a different kind of severe injustice on you, or even schemes against your life?


Perhaps you will think, when confronted with a list like the above:

‘No, under circumstances like that I could not love the other person …’

But please reflect that good behavior, uprightness, honesty, loyalty and decency are likewise conditions!


Anyone who gives Unconditional Love is going to love the other person even when he or she does the worst possible things to him or her!


This is the way in which God loves.

God IS Unconditional Love!

We are all parts of this ONE.

Consequently too each one of us is capable of Unconditional Love!


Unconditional Love – that is the substance out of which the entire creation is made.

Unconditional Love – that is the substance out of which we too are made.

Out of this substance, out of Unconditional Love, many things can be manifested, many things can be produced, many things can be changed.


When you work with Unconditional Love, the following things become possible:

  • You can resolve or mitigate tensions and conflicts.
  • You can relieve the pain of injured hearts, or even heal it.
  • You can transform despair into hope.
  • You can do away with uncertainty and impart confidence.
  • You can open closed hearts.
  • You can bring peace …

What should you do if you would like to work with this power, with Unconditional Love?

  • First of all you need a wide open heart. How to go about it with a view to reaching this is something you should have read above, in section 8.
  • Now go into the stillness (see Chapter III, section 1).
  • Ask for Divine Aid, for God’s help and for Divine Grace.
  • Connect with your heart and ask to be allowed to enter.
  • Imagine you are getting smaller and smaller, until you arrive in the centre of your heart.
  • Spiritually, your heart is a being with whom you can speak. Ask your heart: ‘Dear heart, please produce Unconditional Love …’ At the same time, imagine an intensive Unconditional Love. Combine this Unconditional Love with solemn thoughts. Perhaps to this end you can think of classical music, Christmas carols, things that are sacred to you … Now you have begun to produce Unconditional Love. Imagine that it is becoming stronger and more powerful all the time.
  • Now ask your heart to open wide, so that the Unconditional Love can flow out of it. At the same time ask your heart to keep on producing Unconditional Love, without stopping for a moment …
  • Perceive how Unconditional Love flows out of your wide open heart, more and ever more. If you like, you can picture it as a rosy mist.
  • Envelop with this rosy mist all things and all beings to whom you would like to give Unconditional Love: situations, happenings, people, animals, Mother Earth …

Please be aware that this power will only work when you apply it with a loving heart, and altruistically.

If you use Unconditional Love in order to alleviate conflicts, injustice and suffering to the Highest Good of All Beings, then you become a ‘Light Warrior’.


In case of natural catastrophes, proliferating injustices or wars, you can get together with others in order to work on the matter together.

To do this you should hold hands, form a circle, and all together envelop the happening in question in Unconditional Love. Your powers will thus be multiplied by each other, and you will become an energetic giant, an army of the light!



To envelop something altruistically in Unconditional Love and to create peace, you do not need to be given a mandate, nor are there any formal conditions to observe.


10. A future filled with light – our future truth?

Before humanity there lies a future filled with light – provided that they make use of the opportunities we have now to put an end to wars, suffering, torment and injustice once and for all!


How beautiful a future would be, in which peace, freedom, abundance and happiness were really the lot of all human beings!

  • That is what God wishes for.
  • That is what the entire ‘Spiritual World’ wishes for.
  • That is what many human beings too wish for. And what do you wish for?



11. The truth about the change – and about the New Golden Energy

All together, we can create the change. But only if we stop constantly demanding that others change first!

True change will be achieved when we remain authentic, and make a start with ourselves…


When we act in this way, we have arrived with our thinking and feeling in the energy of the New Age!


In the New Age, where it is said: ‘The stronger protects the weaker!’


(‘The strongest gobbles up the weakest’ and ‘The stronger make the weaker into subjects’ – that was ‘yesterday’, that is ‘out’!)


In the New Age, in the entire universe, what applies is the guiding principle of the New Golden Energy:


‘One for all – all for one!’


If we all take each other by the hand and together form a circle, all creatures of the entire universe, if we all open our hearts wide and let Unconditional Love flow out of us, Unconditional Love to all that is – then this Unconditional Love of All will flow together into a mighty current, will come back to us and penetrate each one of us with immense power.

Thus you become one with all that is, with all other creatures and with the creation.

In this way you are much better able to sense God, you feel yourself quite close to God – for the creation IS an essential part of God.

The feeling of being one in and with everything, the feeling of being carried lightly, full of harmony and happiness – while at the same time still being able to remain yourself and retain your individuality, that is the Energy of Unity, the Golden Energy!