7) The way of ascension

1. ‘Normality’

Frequently people think everything is ‘normal’ which corresponds to the average. ‘Norm’ in common parlance means ‘the usual’.

‘Other than usual’ or ‘not normal’ – this is seen as a mental deficiency – and that surely must be ‘crazy’?


The self-image of a consciousness in the third dimension sees itself as perfect, and everything that seems to it ‘somehow different’ is thus ‘defective’.

The realization that one has defects, and still has too low a level of consciousness to be able to understand everything – this realization cannot be expected of a consciousness in the third dimension.

For this you need a consciousness in the fifth dimension!



Dimensions have nothing to do with time and space.

They are a yardstick for the level of consciousnesses incarnated on the planet or found on a certain Cosmic Level.


2. Enlightenment

This begins when you recognize the necessity of working on yourself to become perfect. When, if you have a conflict with someone you no longer say, ‘Such an idiot! He has a problem’ – but instead understand that resonances only occur with vibrations of a similar nature: you recognize the problem of the other person and know all of a sudden that it is your own problem – that you are looking in the mirror! And now you start to work on yourself …

This realization is what is known as ‘Enlightenment’. The fifth dimension is the dimension of enlightenment.


3. Blessedness

If you have finished working through all your issues, and have brought everything to redemption – congratulations, then you have already reached the eighth dimension with your consciousness, the dimension of blessedness.


If you have reached the eighth dimension, after death you won’t have to go ‘back down’ again. That means that you don’t need to incarnate any more – you have worked off all your issues!

Consequently the eighth dimension is the lowest level on which you can exist in purely fine material form. You can rest, you can enter paradise …

Perhaps you will be surprised that hardly any souls do this.


Most of those who have got this far want to continue helping others, want to continue actively on the Path of Light and sense the joy which in accordance with the Karmic Laws (by way of positive karma) comes back at least sevenfold into your own heart, when you do something good and kind for another person …

For this there are two different possible paths:


4. The Beings of Light and the Angels

You can become active as a Being of Light.

As a Being of Light, you are already doing angelic work of a simple kind. For example, healing groups are supported by Beings of Light – every single healing group by 108 Beings of Light!

You could tell your children: ‘Beings of Light – they are angels who still have to earn their wings …’


When you then have your wings, you are an Angel and rise into the ninth dimension.


As an Angel you are a part of the hosts which serve the Supreme Divinity.


As an Angel of the ninth dimension you work on the instructions of higher Angels, and are intensely inducted into the sphere of tasks of the Angels.

When you have become properly acquainted with your sphere of responsibility and have understood it completely, you too can work independently.

On the ninth level you still do not have powers of your own, or light of your own.


When your mastery of your angelic work is so complete and thorough that you can have your own sphere of tasks assigned to you, you rise into the tenth dimension and there receive your own angelic powers.

After you have performed your tasks for a long time to the complete satisfaction of the Highest, it may happen that HE, as a mark of his appreciation, will reward you by giving you your own light …


In the eleventh dimension we find High Angels who are entrusted with special and responsible tasks.

These include the Cherubim, who are something like a ‘heavenly SWAT team’. They are commanded by Archangel Ariel and carry out difficult assignments for the Most High.

The Seraphim are also in this category. They are commanded by Archangel Michael, and it is their mission to bring positive new energies to creatures.

Many more are included here who carry out important tasks of which most of us are quite unaware …


The twelfth dimension has always been the level of the Divine. The level of the Archangels, the Cosmic Masters and the Ascended Masters.

The Archangels were elevated by God in acknowledgement of their constant loyalty. The archangels are subordinate only to the Highest Divine Level.


5. Ascent as an Incarnated Creature

The second possible path of ascent is more difficult and terribly dangerous, but quicker than the first path: you follow the call and the request of God to incarnate on one of the many planets that are in duality, and provide ‘development help’ so that the consciousness of the creatures incarnated there can develop more quickly and ascend!

If you now decide for the earth, you have chosen one of the most difficult and dangerous planets.

And yet there are no ‘special privileges’ – all those who incarnate here are subject to the same rules: deletion of memories, integration with the prevailing level of events and the very real risk of new karmic entanglements!

Even High Angels have been overtaken by their destiny in this way – they slipped down and it took them a long time to work off the new karma they had accumulated.


To begin with, consciousness sinks to the level on which you find yourself here…

The tests which then follow are harder than when you are working off the worst karma.

God says that all this is necessary, so you can better empathise with the situation of the beings you want to help!


When you have then worked off your new ‘issues’, when your consciousness rises again, your spiritual guides will try to get in contact with you!


Depending on WHO you are and what your mission is, your spiritual guides may consist of Angels, High Angels, Cosmic Masters, Ascended Masters, Archangels, even perhaps the Supreme Divinity.

In most cases there are three spiritual guides.


Communication with your spiritual guides becomes possible at once when capacities such as

  • ‘clairvoyance’
  • ‘clairaudience’
  • ‘clairsentience’ and
  • ‘claircognizance’

have been activated in you.

Please don’t be alarmed by this…


A limited form of communication is also possible by way of ‘energetic signs’, which each individual perceives in a different part of the body. Such signs may be a ‘pulsing’, a ‘tingling’ or a ‘warming’, and generally indicate ‘confirmation’ of the remark you have uttered, or ‘yes’ in answer to the question you have raised. If no sign comes in answer to such a question, you can ask ‘Was that a “No”?’ – and if that is the case, the sign will come as confirmation.



All forms of communication, and especially those based on energetic signs, can be falsified by a wide variety of powers and influences. There are a whole lot of different techniques for recognizing this and checking the information you have received for accuracy…


On the whole, a perfectly ‘normal’ meditation is going to get you furthest – anyone is capable of this, even without any ‘clair’-capacities!

A possible technique for this is published here under ‘III. Communication with the Spiritual World’.


You can only be repeatedly advised to speak to your spiritual guides often.


Also extremely important are dialogues with your ‘Higher Self’.

This is a ‘divine part’ which every individual soul possesses and which is closely linked with it. The task of this Higher Self is to control the complex processes in the system of a creature – this has only been possible hitherto for the ONE who originally thought all this up…

Based on the First Cosmic Law, the Law of Free Will, your Higher Self is forbidden to interfere with the decisions of your soul.


Your Higher Self is all the more pleased, on the other hand, when you ask for its opinion.

Please don’t ask the question, ‘What should I do now?’ The Higher Self is not allowed to answer, as that would be interfering with your freedom of choice! If you ask the questions ‘What would you do now?’ or even better, ‘What decision would now be for my highest good?’, your ‘Higher Self’ will be only too pleased to answer! – as this is just advice, and the final decision always rests with you!


If you have repeated and intensive dialogues with your ‘Higher Self’, you will get more and more familiar with its ways of thinking and feeling.

You will observe that your own thinking and feeling increasingly resembles the thinking and feeling that you learn from the ‘Higher Self’.


This is really the best thing you can do for your consciousness! It will start to ascend, as if in an ‘express lift’!


6. The Chymical Wedding

At some point you will begin to think and to feel in all respects just in the same way as your Higher Self. When this complete agreement has been reached, what happens is the melting together of your soul with your Higher Self.

This is what we call the ‘Chymical Wedding’.

Anyone who has reached this state in the human body is an ‘avatar’, a divine human being. Because in the moment of melting together you have arrived with your consciousness in the twelfth dimension…


7. The Divine Consciousness

If you are now ONE, you and your Higher Self, you will find that you can still continue your dialogues as in the past!

Your conversation partner is now the ‘Divine Self’. You are now just at the start of a long development. There are thousands of ‘avatar levels’…

If HIS thinking and feeling is really important to you, you will carry on conversing with HIM just as intensively as in the past with the Higher Self. When you have again reached the state of being completely ONE in thinking and feeling with your conversation partner, you have reached the highest level, and a melting together happens once more.


You have now attained your goal of reaching your God.

You are ONE with HIM.


And immediately, your God no longer just follows you around ‘passively’, wherever you go.

With immediate effect, God can play an active part in your life.


It still feels to you as if you have made all your decisions yourself. With the things that you accomplish, however, you will sometimes look back on what has been achieved, and wonder, ‘Which of us was it really…?’ And you know the answer immediately: ‘Well, obviously both of us! After all, we are ONE!’


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