6) Healing

1. Formal conditions

1.1 Mandate of the creature

If you would like to work for a person or for another creature in order to heal them, you always need first of all to be given the mandate to do so. This can be conferred by means of the spoken word, as well as through communication with the soul affected. This applies without distinction to human beings, animals and plants.

In the case of human children, until they have completed the tenth year of their life, you moreover need the consent of both parents.

The above are Cosmic Preconditions.


In order to avoid confusion, you should furthermore observe the laws and formalities of the state in which you live.


1.2 Mandate of the cosmos

Before you start your work for a person, or for another creature, there are three questions you need to address to the cosmos:


‘Can I…?’

This question has to do with your objective capability of helping in the present situation. Are your knowledge, your empathy and your strength sufficient for you to be able to help?


‘May I…?’

This question clarifies whether your giving help would conflict with Cosmic Law.

For example: imagine your client is just working his or her karma off, perhaps is supposed to be learning how other people felt to whom he/she once did bad things. If you heal such a person, you are depriving them of their learning task. The consequence may be that this soul will have to reincarnate again with the same learning assignment… Then your healing would not have removed the suffering of the person in question, but made it worse!


‘Should I…?’

This question relates to the presence of other reasons which may argue against your giving help.

For example: a person is familiar with the issue that is the root cause of his illness, but is nonetheless unwilling to change his behavior.

Or: the person believes that you can’t help him…

In such cases you should not help, because your measures would not be effective.


2. Root causes of illness and their dissolution

What is ‘illness’ and what is ‘healing’, from the spiritual point of view of Jophiel?


Illness is the working out of a disturbance in your physical system.

Such disturbances may of course also be caused by external influences. But most commonly it is the person’s own behavior that triggers the disturbance.


Healing is the restoration of the proper physical condition. Healing only becomes possible when the disturbance that lies behind the illness has been completely eliminated.


From the point of view of Jophiel it is therefore important to take a particularly close look at those root causes of illness that the individual is able to influence himself, or on which they can work.

The goal is to avoid disturbances in our physical system right from the start, or to resolve those that are already there as quickly as possible – based on the motto: ‘The best illness is the one that never breaks out!’


For this reason we would like, in what follows, to take a look at different root causes for illness, and also suggest considerations as to what, from Jophiel’s point of view, can be done in order to avoid or resolve them.


2.1 Karma

Karma – this is the Cosmic Power of Self-Purification, which brings everything home to us that we have done to others. Here the cosmos is not concerned with punishment or revenge. The cosmos does not bear grudges …


It is always a matter of our learning how the ‘victims’ of our behavior have felt!

Yes, that can certainly feel like a punishment!

But it stops immediately when we have taken a look at the issue we have caused, understood it, learned from it and so changed our behavior. Learning and understanding – that is the goal!

As we have said, the cosmos does not bear grudges.


2.2 Trauma

Trauma, for conventional medicine, means a disturbance inside the head that results from a violent external impact, as when you bump into something or suffer a blow. In the following considerations, we would like to disregard the term as used in this sense.


From the point of view of Jophiel, we want to look at the psychotherapeutic area, to the extent that the person in question can work on it himself and bring about changes.

In psychotherapy, trauma is the consequence of a shock which has disturbed our emotional equilibrium.

A shock always feels unpleasant. As we are inclined to long for what is pleasant and beautiful, we want to leave the unpleasant things of life behind as quickly as possible. Instead of working on the shock and restoring our emotional equilibrium, or having it restored with professional help, we suppress the shock and the events that lay behind it. When all of this ‘slides’ into the subconscious, a trauma arises. This acts on our psyche and may trigger modes of behavior whereby we harm ourselves and others, or it may lead to physical illness.

In such cases it is necessary to get the triggering event back into the consciousness of the person in question, so that it can be processed and resolved.

It is often advisable to seek professional help for this, whether from a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, an alternative medical practitioner specialising in psychotherapy, or for that matter a spiritual healer…


Freed from the burden that has been oppressing our spirit, we can again ‘breathe freely’ and there is no longer anything preventing us from continuing to grow on the soul level!


2.3 ‘Unhealthy’ diet

2.3.1 Addictive substances

No doubt everybody knows that drugs, alcohol, nicotine and so on can lead, sooner or later, to pathological alterations…


2.3.2 ‘Deficient’ diet

It is important to supply our bodies with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it needs. A one-sided, unbalanced diet results in deficiency, which the body reacts to sooner or later with an illness…


2.3.3 Over acidification of the body

Acid is like poison to the body. It is potentially lethal and can at the least result in ailments.

Our body tries to neutralize a ‘too much’ acid. In the course of this process, ‘slag’ is created. Slag cannot be got rid of from our body. It is stored in the cells, where it leads to premature cell ageing – we get older more rapidly!


What things are ‘acid’?

Not only drugs, alcohol and nicotine have a low pH value, making them acid!

‘Sweets’/ ‘candy’ are called thus – but the body reacts to them with distinct ‘acidity’ – as in all cases where sugar is present.

Likewise coffee, black tea and many other foodstuffs have a low pH value!


… and what reacts in an alkaline way, has a high pH value?

Alkaline reactions are found in most vegetables and fruits – even lemons!

There are lists of the pH values of the commonest basic foodstuffs. It is a good idea to get hold of one of these lists, and when shopping, to choose foodstuffs that have a positive pH value!


2.3.4 Animal products

When we are talking about the over acidification of the body through foodstuffs, we can hardly leave out the matter of animal products. They all result in acid reactions!


A very low pH value is found in fish, and in meat and hard cheese the value is particularly low!


Add to this the possibility of the following stresses:


  • toxic stress from pesticides in animal feeds
  • stress from the many vaccines
  • breeding of resistant germs through the food chain: germs in the slurry, disposal of slurry on the fields for production of green fodder, green fodder fed to animals…
  • high stress resulting from the stress hormone adrenaline, which is poisonous to us, caused by the torment to which animals are subjected – especially with factory farming, and what goes on in slaughterhouses!

In considering one’s own diet, every individual is free to address these issues for himself or herself.

The internet offers a wide variety of background information.

We can find online treatises by dietary scientists.

The view is still frequently expressed that meat is ‘part of the life force’.

But the opposite position is now increasingly found – argued for in great detail, for example, in many articles to be found under the Google search term ‘vegan’.


If you are going to decide to change to a ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ diet, please be aware that it is not enough just to give up the consumption of meat or of animal products in their entirety. You need more detailed information about what products are going to be indispensable in your future dietary plan, if you are to avoid the symptoms of nutritive deficiency.

You would be well advised to have recourse to vegetarian or vegan dietary counselling.


2.4 Unhealthy behavior / lack of harmony

Our body reacts in a very ‘acid’ way to various modes of behavior and to any lack of harmony, especially in connection with:

  • irritation, rage, disappointment, hatred
  • envy, resentment, discord
  • anxiety and depression, fear and shock
  • pressure to perform, overwork, stress and hectic rush
  • lack of sleep.


2.5 Compulsive thinking and feeling

Furthermore, the compulsive and repeated lingering over an oppressive topic can lead to illness in the long term, whether on the mental or on the emotional level! Whether it’s a case of the supposedly or actually unfaithful spouse, or of supposed or actual bullying in the workplace – anyone who experiences something like this, and ‘takes it to heart’ by dwelling on it repeatedly, can only be advised to walk away from the partner or the job as quickly as possible or to switch immediately to an attitude of ‘perfect cool’ in relation to events.

If a person is not prepared to change something in a situation like this, but at the same time is not capable of accepting things with composure, this person is inflicting more and more negative energy on his or her system, which can lead to a physical illness.


2.6 Bearing another’s burdens

There are people who get confused between ‘feeling for another’ and ‘suffering with another’!

They see someone else’s suffering, and focus on it so intensively that they start to suffer themselves, They actually sense the suffering of the other person in their own bodies. As a result they faint and ‘fall by the wayside’; they are no longer capable of any kind of action – and this doesn’t do anything at all, of course, for the person affected…

If, on the other hand, we feel for others with true compassion, we remain in our own strength and can use this to help the sufferer!


Bearing another’s burden can result in a shock to the ‘sympathetic sufferer’, which will at some time be ‘suppressed’, so sliding into the subconscious and there continuing to work as a trauma…

(see section 2.2 on trauma above).

For the dissolution of the trauma it is necessary that the ‘sympathetic sufferer’ give back the destiny of the ‘principal sufferer’, mentally and emotionally, to the person to whom it belongs!


2.7 Outstanding forgiveness…

Whenever and wherever an ‘injustice’ occurs, something forms between ‘perpetrator’ and ‘victim’ which we can visualise as a ‘band of energy’.

Yes, perpetrator and victim are indeed linked to one another through the deed! This connection continues to affect both of them, acting as a trauma in the subconscious.


Dissolution of the connection is only possible through mutual forgiveness. This happens in a way resembling a musical ‘triad’:

  • Both ask the other for forgiveness.
  • Each forgives the other.
  • Both also forgive themselves.

There then follows the joint realization:

‘I am free! You are free! We are both, now, together, free!’

As in most cases the ‘other party’ is not going to be personally present, it is also possible to undergo forgiveness in this way on the soul level.


2.8 Defective programming, self-inflicted illnesses and self-fulfilling prophecies

In Chapter V (God and the illusion of creation) we mentioned that everything has been formed from the substance of the ONE. God dwells in everything that exists, in every human being, every animal, every plant – yes, even in the tiniest blade of grass. And this holds true throughout the entire universe. This requires data management on a scale that is practically unimaginable to us. If we now imagine that the entire cosmos functions in a similar way to the internet, if we see ourselves, just on the level of thought, as being something like computer terminals, we can grasp processes that we had difficulty in understanding before. Let us call them, at this point, just cases of ‘defective programming’ – for a lot of the processes that happen in us do indeed recall computer programs…


How does ‘defective programming’ come about?


Example 1: Imagine you have got up one morning ‘on the wrong side of bed’, and stub your foot on the bedside. You set off a bit late, miss your bus to work and – just to make matters worse – it starts to rain. Soaking wet and very late, you arrive at the office and run into the glass door which you had overlooked in your haste… If not before, you are surely now going to give vent to the utterance – ‘I am such an unlucky person – things have just got it in for me!’

Seen from the cosmic point of view, this is programming.

Seen from the cosmic point of view, you have just defined a permanent condition.

And based on the Cosmic Law of Free Will (see likewise Chapter V), nobody can correct it except you! To make things even worse, you have started your sentence with I AM – the words from the invocation of the presence of God: I AM THAT I AM!

Anything you start with these words is going to manifest in a particularly powerful way!

So you have just launched a program which is capable of making you an ‘unlucky person’ for the rest of your life…


Example 2: Some elderly people think of their illnesses and say from time to time, ‘I’m so old! I’m so sick! I’m so weak!’ You’ve already got the picture: if not before, it could happen from now on that these people will really become and remain permanently old, sick and weak.

Yes, this is another way in which illness manifests – when people inflict it on themselves by talking about it!


Example 3: In the past you have had flu a number of times, and you say, ‘I’m so susceptible to flu! When anyone with flu comes anywhere near me, I catch it at once!’ Never mind whether you’ve had a flu injection or not, it could well be the case that the program you have described will be ‘reliably’ launched in future, just whenever the conditions you have referred to are present!


The mere belief that a person is sickening, has been infected etc., may be the trigger of actual illnesses much more frequently than anyone would imagine in their wildest dreams…!


Example 4: You say, ‘My father was in excellent health – and at the age of 50 he suddenly got cancer and died. My grandfather was in excellent health – but at the age of 50 he suddenly got cancer and died. I am in excellent health – but I am the next one to get cancer and die of cancer at the age of 50 …’ And you’ll probably be proved right! This is a case where ‘defective programming’ becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy …


What can be done to avoid defective programming?

The first important thing is to be careful with your formulations. In particular you need to avoid defining a permanent condition, or projecting statements into the future.


In our examples it would have been no problem to say:

‘Right now I’m feeling unlucky…!’


‘Right now I’m feeling old, sick and weak!’


‘In the past I have been prone to catch flu,’


‘My father and my grandfather both had excellent health, but they both got cancer and died at the age of 50.’


And supposing it’s already happened? If a defective programming statement has just ‘slipped out of you’, what can you do?

You just hit the DELETE button!

Right after the defective programming has occurred, you can simply say – ‘Defective programming – please delete!’ And it’s gone!

You can still delete it at a later point in time, but then you must specify exactly and in concrete terms which defective programming you mean!


Knowing about defective programming offers us new opportunities for the future. Whenever a defective programming has happened to you, after deleting it you can just ‘turn the game around’ and reprogram yourself in whatever way you actually want!


In our examples, then, you could say:

‘Please launch reprogramming! I AM, as of now, starting to act more skillfully all the time, so that I hope soon to be the spitting image of a ‘happy bunny’!’

‘Please launch reprogramming! I AM, as of now, starting to feel healthier and stronger all the time, so that I hope soon to have all my old vitality back!’

‘Please launch reprogramming! I AM, as of now, starting to feel stronger and more resistant to disease all the time, and am confident that soon I will be well able to survive flu epidemics without being affected!’

‘Please launch reprogramming! I AM the one who intends to grow old while remaining in excellent health!’

But be careful! Please, when reprogramming, avoid interfering in the decisions of the Highest!

In the above examples, the following programming would be interfering and thus invalid:

“… that I will soon be happy and fortunate!”

“… that I will soon regain my former vitality!”

“I AM the one who will get old, and …”

The valid forms of programming are: “I would like to!” and “I AM the one who intends to …”


2.9 Negative thinking

Imagine that somebody with flu goes by, and you say, ‘I hope I don’t catch it off him!’

Perhaps you have read the section on defective programming, and you say instead:

‘Launch reprogramming! I AM the one who doesn’t want to catch the flu now!’

Or you say, ‘Please launch reprogramming! I AM the one who doesn’t want the flu!’


Do you sense what may possibly happen?

Unfortunately yes, you could still catch flu in all three cases!


Why? When you think of something, if you do it intensively enough, at some point it is either there or not there (not yet there, perhaps). This ‘making things happen’ by the power of thought is what we call ‘manifesting’. You can manifest something, or not manifest it.

But it is not possible to manifest that something should actually not manifest – as that would be an intrinsic contradiction, a paradox.


With manifesting, as also with programming, negative words are automatically cancelled out.


In the three examples mentioned, what you have said comes across to the cosmos in the following way:

  • ‘I hope I’ll get it too now!’
  • ‘Launch reprogramming: I AM the one who wants to catch the flu now.’
  • ‘Launch reprogramming: I AM the one who wants to get the flu now!’

You could have said, without any kind of problem:

‘I hope I’ll stay healthy!’


Or you could have programmed yourself as follows:

‘Please launch reprogramming: I AM the one who intends to remain healthy!’


2.10 The Law of Attraction

When you think of something, you ‘create’ it in your head.

If you think of it intensely enough, it is possible that your thoughts will manifest themselves.


This is the way the whole of creation came into being.


But even when your consciousness is still too low – if for this reason your thoughts are still too weak to result in manifestation – it can still happen that your thoughts call up the thing you are just thinking of.

In the final outcome it no longer matters whether you manifest something for the first time, or your thoughts have called up something that was present already:

  • If you just think of a certain illness with sufficient intensity, it could catch up with you in the near future.
  • But – if you think of healing, this too might perhaps be effected …
  • If you repeatedly imagine some bad thing happening, it could eventually really come about.
  • But – if you think of a good and positive future, this too may occur …
  • If you think of an angel, you will soon have him by your side.

Because through your thoughts you ‘attract’ the thing you are currently thinking of, the cosmic term for this is the ‘Law of Attraction’. The Law of Attraction offers you risks and opportunities alike – it is just a question how you deal with this law in future!


Always reflect: the power of thought is a force that is frequently underestimated…


2.11 …the so-called ‘dark energy’

2.11.1 …you as victim

If you have a presumption to this effect, you can ask Archangel Michael for help and protection, for he is responsible for protecting us from negative energies of all kinds.

As always, you can also in this case turn to God directly!

Above all: don’t be afraid of the ‘dark energy’! Consider that, at its most powerful, it is still only the second-strongest power in the universe!


Is there an ‘antidote’ to dark energy?

Yes, there really is.


If you have a wide open heart full of love, imagine that with your heart you are producing unconditional love, more and more of it …

Let your unconditional love radiate from your heart! If you like, you can visualize it with your spiritual eye as a rosy mist. Envelop all the darkness that you perceive with your unconditional love, and let more and more unconditional love flow out to it …


Before unconditional love, every dark energy melts away like snow in the sun!


2.11.2 …you as perpetrator

If you have got involved with this dark energy, from the point of view of Jophiel you have put yourself spiritually ‘offside’.


Presumably you are now acquainted with at least one of the three illnesses which can overtake you in connection with the ‘dark pact’.

The only ‘antidote’ is to give over these machinations!


Because after that your karma will catch up with you:

Whatever you have done to others with the dark force, it will all come back to you. You learn how each one of your victims has felt …


What can you do if you realize that you have ‘gone too far’, that you are at the end of a blind alley? What can you do when you deeply regret your behavior and have formed the firm resolution to follow the path of light in future?

You can pray in humility to the Highest and you can ask for Divine Grace, to bring your dark past to forgiveness, to revoke your dark pact …

But please note: God sees directly into your heart! It will only work when you seriously mean what you say – ‘tactical manoeuvres’ will be found out!


3. Help for self-help

If you really want to heal illness permanently, first of all you must determine all its root causes (see section 2) – this is absolutely essential.

Every single root cause needs to be examined, processed and brought to redemption.

For the individual person, this is often an almost impossible task. This is connected with our point of view – on our own issues, we are often ‘too close up’, we ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’! Another person who sees us from a slightly greater distance will generally find it easier to join up the dots than we do ourselves.


This means that when working through issues, for detecting and processing the root causes of disease, you should think about seeking external help – and even professional help!

This may, depending on the state of things, be your doctor, your alternative practitioner, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, an alternative practitioner specialising in psychotherapy, a spiritual healer, or indeed a self-help group … In your heart, and based on your sense of wellbeing, you will sense whose help and support are best for you!


The person providing help would be well advised to instruct the person seeking help with a great deal of sympathetic empathy, and offer him or her help with a view to self-help. In the best case, the person seeking help will as a result find it possible to recognize the root causes of the illness without prompting, understand them, and formulate thoughts about the changes that are needed in his or her life and how they can be put into practice!


The contemplation and understanding of the root causes of disease, and putting into practice the necessary changes, are the essential conditions for any really lasting healing.

Only when the root causes that have led to the illness have been completely removed is healing allowed to happen…


4. Letting healing happen

When all root causes of illness have been dissolved, healing is allowed to happen.

But who is it who heals – who carries out the healing?


‘The self-healing forces of the body!’ many people will undoubtedly think … And there they would be absolutely right!

To be precise, it is the ‘Higher Self’, a divine part which every soul possesses and which is closely connected with it. The Higher Self controls the complex processes in the system of every creature, and also carries out healing, provided that the conditions described in this chapter have been fulfilled.


Healing is allowed to happen – but that does not necessarily mean that it is always and in all cases bound to happen!

If for example somebody has taken too long over the processing and resolution of the root causes of an illness, the condition may already be so far advanced that the forces of the ‘Higher Self’ are no longer sufficient.

Often this is the moment when the physician in charge tells his patient that he cannot do any more for him…

Then only one prayer can still help:


Higher healing powers than the ‘Higher Self’ possesses are at the disposal of the angels of healing, whose ‘boss’ is Archangel Raphael (he is the supreme ‘physician’ in heaven), and every other archangel and the ‘Supreme Divinity’ has them too!

If you are desperate, if you are hoping for a miracle, I advise you to pray to the Highest, full of humility, and ask for healing through Divine Grace – believe and trust firmly that you will be heard!


If you sense that the clock of your life is ‘running out’, just think that ,for the time left to you, each single, fully consciously lived day can give you more than a whole life that is ‘frittered away’ in unawareness…


To the next chapter: The way of ascension