5) God and the illusion of creation– the 1st Cosmic Law and the Law of Karma

1. Who or What is God, actually?

If we are not able to understand God completely – what statements about God can be made that really every human being can understand?




God says of himself:


I am THE ONE, without a second or deputy.

Everything is formed from my substance.

I AM not just male, not just female and not just neuter…

I AM male and female and neuter – all at the same time!

I AM the formless, the ungraspable – but at the same time, every graspable form is my form!

I AM energy, and magnetism and the nothingness – I am that as well!

I AM always perpetrator and victim at the same time, am the eternal and sole witness of every occurrence …

I AM the cosmos.

I AM the universe.

I AM a great deal more…




2. Why does God not intervene? (the 1st Cosmic Law)

As already explained, EVERYTHING, the entire creation, is formed from the substance of the ONE. In truth, then, there is only this ONE.

We are all parts of this ONE.

For it to be possible for diversity to come about at all, it was necessary to give each individual creature an individuality of its own.

The entire creation is dependent on the maintenance of this individuality …


So often we hear the words:

‘There is all this violence and injustice on earth! If there is a God, why does he allow it – why does he not intervene?’

The answer follows from the explanations given above: an intervention by the ONE would have the result that he would reduce everything that IS to himself. We would thus all become once again what we in truth are – that is to say, parts of this ONE. We would cease to exist; the creation would collapse!!!


In order to prevent this, there is the First Cosmic Law, the Law of Free Will:

No creature shall be treated like a child!


As a further important law in this connection, we need to refer to the Law of Cosmic Data Protection. As all are parts of the ONE, they are also linked to the ONE. So everyone knows, on the face of it, everything about everyone else.

In order to create individuality, this ‘omniscience’ too has been reduced to the ONE!


And does our God really not intervene at all?

On the contrary, he does intervene… But not in the way many people would perhaps like to imagine, but only extremely carefully, with a great deal of tact and delicacy!


3. The Law of Karma

The term ‘karma’ is used frequently and in very different contexts.

From the point of view of Jophiel, this has given rise to a ‘distorted image’! What is the point and purpose of karma, as a matter of fact?


As we must not be treated as children, but should nonetheless learn, karma was created as a cosmic power of self-purification.

It is important that we learn with what kinds of behaviour we have inflicted injustice on other human beings and/or other creatures.

Situations where our actions are regrettable thus always come home to roost. Then they result in suffering for us.

This will be our lot so long as we have not learned from the business, changed our behaviour and until the karmic theme has been ‘brought to redemption’!


And what happens when someone still fails to learn their lesson?

Then they reincarnate over again, always with the same learning assignment, the one they have failed to master in the past – something like this is known as a ‘Cosmic Wheel’.


Most illnesses are part of our karma.

If we look at their root causes, we can bring these to redemption by changing our lives…


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