4) ‘Death’ and ‘dying’ – and the meaning of life

1. First of all, I would like to relieve you of any fear of dying.

To do this, please recognise:

You are not your body! The body is mortal.

You are a soul that uses the body in just the same way as you might use a car.

You will look after it and maintain it, but when it is no longer fit for purpose, you get out of it before it ends up on the scrap heap …

From the technological point of view, the soul is an energy form.

Perhaps you remember from your schooldays the law of conservation of energy:

Energy is never consumed! It remains somewhere. You did not come out of nothing before you were born, nor do you go into nothing after death!

All the same, it isn’t the case either that we have a ‘whole lot of’ independent individual lives.

Your life accomplishes itself like a kind of ‘never-ending story’. Each of your incarnations is a chapter in this story. Each time you learn something more, and become more complete!


2. About the meaning of life, God says:

You are alive in order to

  • learn new things,
  • have fun,
  • give help and assistance to other creatures.


3. The moment of death

All the important events of your life are set down in a book written by God.

This book is called the AKASHA CHRONICLE.

For each of your incarnations, there are three possible dates of death set down here:

You can get past the first two dates, with carefulness and a bit of luck.

Only the third date is binding!

It is not allowed to communicate death dates to creatures – in order to avoid them being deprived of the joy of life and the courage to live for the rest of their lives!


4. Is ‘dying’ something that is on your mind at present, because…

  • you have already lost your joy of life and courage to live?
  • you are desperate?
  • you have been given a bad medical diagnosis?
  • you sense the approaching end of your body?
  • a person you love is threatened with this kind of fate?

In a moment like this, you can ask God for help and counsel!

Perhaps details will be communicated to you which are important to you right now:

  • Perhaps the truth is that you still have a considerable part of your life to come!
  • Perhaps your life is really in danger – but if you are careful, you still have a chance of circumventing the end of your physical existence on this occasion …
  • Perhaps to do this you need to take a look at certain themes that are relevant to you, involve them in the redemptive process and redirect your life path…
  • Perhaps there are quite other things which it is very important for you to know right now…!

NB: If you want to be given answers by God and the Spiritual World, as possible ways out of your situation, you will have to ask! Nobody will force answers on you unasked – out of deference and respect for your feelings and your free will!


5. The transition into the Beyond…

What can someone do, when they feel death approaching?

What can they do, if they feel desperate and alone?


In this dark hour, in the hour of death, you can receive assistance from the Spiritual World!


Depending on your faith, you can ask for the presence of Shakti or the Buddha, Mevlana, Jesus Christ or Mary, an angel…


When ‘the time has come’, you absolutely must avoid clinging onto the body.

This would just give you a difficult death struggle – and the unavoidable cannot be circumvented in any case!


If you accept this unavoidable fact, if you can see your end as at the same time a new beginning, you will suddenly be able to lift yourself up lightly and let go of the body!

First of all you may perhaps not even notice what has just happened.

If you look down at yourself, it will look just the way it always did! You will also feel just the same as always – though quite light, almost weightless and free from physical pain…


Please don’t be frightened, if you look back and see your lifeless body lying there!

This is only the old shell that you have to relinquish…


You will now see the column of light that is meant for your ascent. It consists of light of a warm white color. This is the color of God – nobody else is allowed to use it.

Now rise into the Divine Light …


But perhaps you don’t want to do that just yet, because you are concerned about your dear ones whom you are leaving behind on earth, and would like first to see what will become of them without you?

How do you want to act then?

All the same, your column of light only exists for a few hours – then it will dissolve…

What can you do, to avoid getting stuck?


My advice: Just rise into the light at once – from ‘above’ it is quite easy to come back to earth, to visit your relatives, in order to see how they are doing, and to attend your funeral… If you go by this route, it is not a problem afterwards to get back ‘on high’!


But: a visual manifestation of your presence to your loved ones is only allowed in rare and exceptional cases – and of course you wouldn’t want to scare them!


Note: Terms like ‘above’ and ‘below’ are very commonly used, but technically they are incorrect. Another term used on earth – ‘the Beyond’ – is more accurate. The ‘column of light’ is an energy corridor, a tunnel, through which you pass into another level of existence.


6. Suicide (‘self-slaughter’) as a solution to problems…?

You can’t solve problems by suicide – you only make them worse!!!


God doesn’t like having his handiwork destroyed. You are a visitor in a body that is the property of God!

How would a car hire firm be likely to react if they entrusted you with one of their vehicles, and you wilfully drove it into a wall???


What is more, suicide would at the same time be a breach of the Cosmic Contract you have entered into.

This is the contract that you conclude every time before you are allowed to incarnate. It sets down what you want to deal with, accomplish and learn in your life.


When somebody commits suicide before the appointed date and so fails to carry out the obligations they have committed themselves to under contract, in God’s eyes they are ‘shirkers’, and God isn’t going to let them force him to change the Divine Plan!

Someone who causes his or her own death in this way does not get a column of light, and is not allowed to ascend – until the time of his or her next date of death prescribed by the AKASHA CHRONICLE.

Until this point in time, suicides still have an uncompleted contract to fulfill – they remain without a body on earth, as ‘earth-bound souls’!


One more time: You can’t solve problems by suicide – you only make them worse!!!


7. The ‘death’ and ‘dying’ of pets and trees

Many people are afraid of death.

Most animals and plants are as well!

And yet animals and plants deal differently with this issue: they can more easily accept the fact that a physical existence must come to end, as an essential part of it.

For this very reason, the last phase of their being here is very important. Their souls need this farewell!


Whereas most people are happy when ‘it is over quickly’, when they are spared having to live for a whole long time with the knowledge that ‘the time is at hand’, animals and plants like to have a certain amount of time beforehand in which they can quite consciously say goodbye …


When a pet has dedicated its life to you, when it has lived to be with you, to make you happy, and to give you its entire love, it wants this still to be so in the hour of its death! You are rejecting this last wish of your pet when you have it put to sleep with a lethal injection as is common today!

There is only an exception to this when your pet is in a great deal of pain and agony, so that a lethal injection would shorten its suffering.

If you are inwardly uncertain how to decide, ask your heart, sense intensely what is within, or meditate on the question – then you will know what decision is best for your animal!


In the same way as your pet, trees too need this phase of farewell.

Please be aware that a tree has often stood for decades, in some cases centuries, on this spot and so has developed a high, sometimes a very high level of consciousness. For a tree it is a catastrophe to be felled suddenly, without warning!

  • A tree will always wish to have as much time as possible so as to prepare for its end and be able to say goodbye.
  • At least six weeks are needed for this. Then it can also draw in its sap …
  • The felling operation is still going to be very painful for it, but at all events very much less than when it is given no advance warning!
  • When sharp rather than blunt tools are used for felling, so that the breaking and splintering of the wood can be avoided, the pain of the tree can be reduced a bit more.
  • Trees can be spared considerable pain and suffering if you avoid carrying out felling in the ‘taboo period’ – that in which the fresh sap is rising.
  • In Central Europe, that is the time from the beginning of March to the end of August.

How can you tell a tree, or a whole wood, that it is going to be felled, and just when it is going to happen?

You just go up to it and tell it. Your message will be received by the tree at a soul level and understood!


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