3) Communication with the ‘Spiritual World’: a way to obtain God’s help and solve your problems

1. Stillness…

For many people, inner peace is a pipedream. They suffer from ‘compulsive thinking’. It happens so frequently that new thoughts come into their heads even though they are unimportant, or completely insignificant at that particular moment.

And yet real relaxation, and regaining our strength, only happens when we have inner peace!

The way to inner peace is through stillness…


In order to let stillness enter into you, you can do the following:

  •  Order your head, this ‘noisy thinking factory’, to be silent! You can achieve this by a technique that perhaps you know already – as a preliminary exercise to yoga or autogenic training: Feel your way into the interior workings of your hands, then those of the feet as well, then that of the lower arms as well, the lower legs etc., until finally you have felt your way into your entire body.

(Note: if you feel your inner being so comprehensively, the head cannot at the same time carry on with its compulsive thinking, and a pleasant stillness will spread inside you.)


2. Communication with the Spiritual World

Find a place where you are undisturbed; ideally in nature, where you can look out over an expanse of water or into the distance.

You can also choose your favorite place in the house – provided you can be sure that nobody will disturb you.


  • Switch off your mobile phone, your laptop and any entertainment technology!
  • Now enter the stillness.
  • Ask for Divine Assistance, Divine Help and Divine Grace.
  • Connect with your heart and ask to be allowed to enter.
  • If you like, you can shut your eyes as you do this.
  • Imagine yourself becoming smaller and smaller, until you reach the centre of your heart.

(Note: your heart is your closest connection with the divine, your ‘Divine Interface’. Every connection with God, every communication with the Spiritual World – and incidentally, all divine healing as well – goes by way of the heart.)


  • Having arrived in the heart, take note of the ‘entry level’:
  • Perhaps you see here a large flowery meadow, sunshine, a stream running, and the edge of a wood in the background …
  • Notice the little path along the side of the stream.
  • Follow the path till you come to the old tree in whose shade a bench invites you to linger.
  • Sit down on the bench, rest in the stillness, enjoy it.
  • Perhaps you will suddenly find an idea coming into your head that you need for the solution of your problem.
  • Perhaps someone (from the Spiritual World) may come along, sit down beside you on the bench and give you advice.
  • Be patient – if it doesn’t work the first time, repeat the exercise!

Additional note: Besides the above instructions, there are many more and various ways of communicating with the Spiritual World! Every way is good and proper for you, if it feels good and proper to you.


3. Counselling from the Archangel Jophiel

Perhaps, as you have been reading, questions have occurred to you – or they may occur to you as you continue to read.

Whether it is a matter of understanding the text, or of applying it to a certain situation in which you find yourself, you should know one thing:


The Archangel Jophiel, and all the other angels, are happy to counsel you if you ask them for help and advice. To do this, you can proceed in the way described in sections 1 and 2 above.


4. ‘Feeling your way into’ something with the heart, as an aid to making a decision

People are repeatedly faced with important decisions in their lives – for example, before embarking on a relationship, when faced with a change of job, before buying a house or in the case of a serious illness, and so on.

Often they do not know what decision is the best for them, as they cannot see into the future…


We have just learned that the heart is the closest connection with the Divine, the ‘Divine Interface’. So it is possible to obtain counsel and help in making a decision by way of the heart’s feelings!


  • The preparation for this is the same as that described above in section 2.
  • Seen spiritually, your heart is a being with whom you can converse.
  • Now ask your heart: ‘Dear heart, how do you feel if I do the following / if I were to opt for the following possibility: …’ (State here the first possible decision, and notice what feelings are triggered in your heart as a result.)
  • Once you have clearly recognised the feeling, ask your heart the next question: ‘Dear heart, how do you feel if I were to decide for the following alternative possibility:…’ (State here the second possible decision, and sense what feelings now come into your heart.)

In this way you can gradually feel your way into all the possibilities that suggest themselves to you.

After this you can compare the various heart feelings that you have perceived.


Decide to go for the possibility that has triggered the pleasantest feeling in your heart!


If no pleasant feelings have come up, none of the possibilities you have asked about are any good for you!


Let’s just take a look at the commonest perceptions and what they mean:


  • Your heart becomes ‘warm’ or ‘expands’, and you just feel good: ‘This decision is good and proper for you!’
  • Your heart feels ‘cold’, or you are inwardly standing ‘outside yourself’, you feel uncomfortable: ‘This decision is to your disadvantage!’
  • You feel a tension in the region of the stomach: ‘This decision is more than disadvantageous – it is bad for you!’
  • You feel a tension in your jaw: This decision is quite exceptionally bad for you!’

NB: A ‘throbbing heart’ is a sign of amplification. This can reinforce either the ‘good for you’ or the ‘bad for you’ feeling!


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