Wrightings of Jophiel

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Writings of Jophiel in english language
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Table of contents

1) Welcome, dear reader, to the publications of Jophiel.

2) Who is Jophiel?

3) Communication with the ‘Spiritual World’: a way to obtain God’s help and solve your problems

4) ‘Death’ and ‘dying’ – and the meaning of life

5) God and the illusion of creation – the 1st Cosmic Law and the Law of Karma

6) Healing

7) The way of ascension

8) The truth – from the point of view of Jophiel


Advise to the reader

The individual chapters can in principle be read independently of one another.

We recommend that you read them in order, as the content of later chapters is in some cases based on the explanations given in earlier chapters.



Preliminary legal remarks:

Our instructions are meant as help for self-help. They serve for the spiritual presentation of a picture of the world and for the ongoing personal development of the reader. The reader should receive food for thought which will enable him or her to see the challenges of daily life from a different point of view. Every individual is entirely free to decide how he or she likes to deal with these thought impulses, whether and to what extent he or she wants to apply and put them into practice.


No medical diagnosis is associated with this.


The content of these publications should not be taken as the occasion for discontinuing, interrupting or choosing not to begin any necessary medical treatment based either on conventional medicine or on natural healing methods. Medicine and therapy are also a part of the divine order. The constructive and harmonious interaction of conventional medical points of view and spiritual considerations may open up new perspectives!

If a person has a need of counselling, we would urgently advise him or her to have recourse to whatever form of counselling is required – depending on the objective situation, this may be with a physician, alternative medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, pharmacist, diet counsellor, lawyer or pastor…




Classic conventional medicine and classic psychotherapy have not accepted or acknowledged the spiritual connections presented by us here as yet. Our observations make no claim to be in agreement at all points with the state of knowledge of present-day science on the planet Earth.



Intellectual Property

The term JOPHIEL and the ‘Angel’ symbol are registered trademarks, and their misuse constitutes a statutory violation.




We hereby give our permission to the printing, copying and dissemination of our texts free of charge. It is our express wish that the words of Jophiel be disseminated among all human beings!


It is not permitted to falsify the words of Jophiel by adding supplementary material to our texts, by abbreviating the text or by wresting quotations out of context.


Any commercial use of these texts is subject to our consent in writing.

We shall give our consent only if such commercial use serves the highest common good!