About the author

“Give people a handbook for their daily life. No longer than for their new car – but easier to understand …!"


After hearing this words from the highest power, Heinz-Egbert Gaertner, in close consultation with the Archangel Jophiel, began to set down everything that he had asked about in long ‘channellings’ over the years.


His first partner in these conversations was Jesus Christ. After around half a year of daily intense conversation the dialogue was taken over by Shakti, the highest divine mother, the eternal life-giving principle.

Depending on one’s faith, religion and world-view, she is known as Creator, as Heavenly Father, as Allah, as God – or as ‘the Source’, ‘the Cosmos’ or ‘the Universal’ …


Heinz-Egbert Gaertner is the son of a dressmaker and a civil servant. On leaving school he became a policeman and gained a higher qualification in business administration.

After a good dozen years as a public servant he resigned, started his own business with vending machines and later expanded into real estate.


After over twelve years with his own business he had achieved all his ambitions and no longer needed to work for a living.


He began to ponder: “Was that all – the meaning of life? What, then, is the meaning …?

Through deep meditation he gradually, little by little, received answers to all his questions.

There upon he sold everything to do with vending machines, donated the larger part of the proceeds to medical and educational projects in the Third World, and has since devoted his energies to making what he had learnt available to all – in seminars, in counselling, and above all through disseminating the writings of Jophiel.