Welcome, dear reader, to the writings of Jophiel

The following lines are provided as instructions to explain to anyone how to solve problems and be happy.

The spiritual father, as well as the spiritual patron of our publications is Jophiel, the angel of knowledge, wisdom, consciousness, instruction and culture.


If you feel that these lines of Jophiel’s speak to you, if your heart feels warm as you read and you can ‘go along with’ what is stated here, you are welcome to make them your own. Then they are the truths that are in harmony with the current state of your consciousness.


If on the other hand you find as you read that you are inwardly ‘standing outside yourself’ or even experiencing ‘inner resistance’, allow yourself to remain for the time being with the truth that is familiar to you, and that feels right and proper to you. Perhaps you may be able to open up to other truths at a later point in time…